About us
President's Message
TAN Ruisong
Dear friends,

Thank you for your attention and support for AVIC!

Flying has always been the dream of mankind.

AVIC is a company that longs to explore the skies. Our outstanding engineers map out their dreams of flight with faith and intelligence. Our distinctive technicians make the dream of flight a reality with their passion and talent; Our best test pilots send the aircraft into the sky with courage and wisdom. The continuous efforts of 500,000 employees that paved the way for technological progress and life improvement have enabled AVIC to stand tall among world-leading multi-national companies.

Behind the success story of AVIC, there is 60 years of exploration, perseverance and innovation, starting from scratch, expanding from small to large, and catching up with international players from far behind. Generations of employees dedicated to aviation development continue to innovate and outperform themselves. Our global subsidiaries and branches provide products and services to keep society safe and improve the quality of people’s lives.

We sincerely hope that more people will start to pay attention to aviation, love aviation and contribute to aviation. Your support gives us the strength and motivation to move forward.