Environmental Protection

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) has a commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM). By improving our environmental management system, building long-term mechanisms for environmental protection and progressively promoting energy conservation and emissions reduction, AVIC enables the transition to a new mode of operation. We are oriented toward efficiency, resource conservation and environmental friendliness. AVIC is contributing its share to the nationwide program of transforming China into a beautiful nation with blue skies, green lands, and clear waters.

Environmental Management System

By creating a three-dimensional system of energy conservation and emissions reduction, statistical monitoring, and performance appraisal, as well as implementing incentives and deterrents, AVIC has been effective in identifying the risks that may arise in the efforts to conserve energy and cut emissions. In this way, AVIC forcefully strides toward achieving the goals set for energy conservation and emissions reduction. In the meantime, AVIC has called together its subsidiaries to formulate a response plan for environmental emergencies, thereby preparing a solid foundation for AVIC to manage efforts in building a green aviation industry.

Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction

AVIC has a strong focus on education. We build platforms for technical training and exchange with supervision, information distribution, technical support, and comprehensively promote energy conservation, consumption reduction, emissions reduction, and pollution response, thus improving our capacity to apply clean production methods.

Low Carbon Industrial Development

In order to nurture an energy-intensive and environmentally friendly industrial system, we at AVIC will continue to optimize our industrial structure. In mergers and acquisitions as well as industrial restructuring, we strictly limit the industrial pattern notoriously known for high levels of energy consumption, pollution and dependence on resources. Moreover, we are increasing investments in the clean energy sector and the circular economy.

Environmental Protection

AVIC helps employees foster a strong awareness of environmental protection through various measures. We encourage full participation in energy conservation by preparing, printing and distributing a book of best practices on clean production, as well as sharing information on our experience in green production practices. AVIC discloses its environmental message among employees and non-employees alike so that we can join hands with the community in building a more beautiful China.