Company & Society

We firmly understand that AVIC’s success is linked to the success of society. Therefore, we feel duty-bound to give back to the public. We drive social progress and comprehensive socio-economic development through environmental protection so that our ultimate goal of social harmony is achieved. To secure the harmony between corporate growth and social progress, we always pay close attention to the growth of both our corporation and communities, and make sure to support public welfare activities. These can range from poverty reduction, disaster relief and educational donations, to active participation in community development programs.

Developing the New Energy Industry

We play a positive role in developing new energy resources and high-level solutions such as wind power, solar energy, biomass power generation, energy storage and distributed energy.

Participation in Public Welfare

We continue to increase investment in education, disaster relief and other fields.
We take active part in mobilizing staff to participate in green environmental protection, popularizing scientific knowledge, assisting in education and other activities, creating a good atmosphere for everyone to get engaged in public welfare. In 2013, the group offered 30,000 volunteers, with a per capita volunteer service time of up to 20 hours.
Our public welfare includes four key projects: ‘Happy Modern Ark Journey’, ‘Guihang Spot Poverty Alleviation’, ‘Mobile Hospital’, and ‘Blue Chalk Rural Teacher Training’.
Since 2009, AVIC has built more than 40 primary and secondary aviation schools, in which it popularizes knowledge of aviation, and improves awareness of national aviation.

Corporate Compliance

Lawful operation is our first priority in our operations management agenda. To this end, we have taken concrete measures to implement relevant Chinese laws, regulations and policies, and enforce strict legal compliance throughout all operational activities. AVIC strives to continually and actively improve auditing practices, risk management activities and internal controls, and has strictly implemented measures to fight corruption and uphold integrity. These measures have effectively reduced AVIC’s operational risks and further enhanced our capacity to run a lawful enterprise.