Company & Staff

For many years, AVIC has always pursued a harmonious balance among social, corporate and staff interests. While rapidly expanding our business, we always remember to also reward society. AVIC helps employees become better citizens through vigorously promoting the development of staff excellency, creating an environment conducive to lawful operations and actively participating in social welfare activities to consciously fulfill social responsibilities.

Safe Production

We focus developing safe production by improving our safety management system, strengthening safety hazard management and emergency management, encouraging a culture of safety, and by ensuring occupational health and safety.

With a foundation based on the notion of "Safety First, Prevention Foremost, Integrated Management Essential", AVIC is committed to promoting workplace safety in a comprehensive manner. Our management capacity for workplace safety has substantially increased following the implementation of numerous measures.

Occupational Health

We also attach great importance to the occupational health and safety of employees, strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, optimize the production environment, carry out occupational hazards detection, implement regularly medical examination and provide labor protection articles and occupational health emergency supplies. We put emphasis on the health and safety of the overseas employees and purchase necessary insurances for them.

Employee Care

At AVIC, we know that having a community of excellent employees is the driving force for a company’s sustainable development. As a people-oriented corporation, AVIC has taken substantial steps to safeguard the rights and interests of our employees. Specifically, we do our utmost to ensure there are no obstacles to career development for staff at different levels and of all different categories by innovating methods of training and adopting salary incentives. AVIC helps personnel create a strong foundation by assisting them in striking a balance between work and life, thus cultivating a positive atmosphere in which both the corporation and staff can secure shared prosperity.