• Integrated avionics system in civil aviation
    At present, our avionics system has been successfully used on the Seagull 300 and the LE-500 which are currently in the test-flight and certification stage.

    Features Redundancy and reconstructive system framework ensures safety.

    Centralized distribution system framework.

    Integrated, intelligent user interfaces.

    User friendy aircraft systems display and engine status information.

    Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

    Adaptable, applicable and scalable.

    Low-cost, general and miniaturization available.

    Improved flight safety.

  • ARINC664 SwitchThe ARINC664p7-compliant Switch is a central element in a high bandwidth aircraft data network. The switch provides a store and forward function for MAC frames and has unique ARINC664p7 filtering, policing, and frame forwarding functions.

    PerformancesTwenty-four ARINC664p2-compliant external ports operate at to speeds of 10Mbps or 100Mbps in full dual operation.

    Management Function

    Switching Function (frame filtering, policing, and forwarding)

    End System Function

    Configuration Tables

  • Integrated Display Unit The Integrated display unit combines a powerful processing unit with a bright, sunlight readable Liquid Crystal Display.

    Its open system architecture provides redundancy and safety assurances for applications where safety is critical.

    Embedded high performance processors ensure multi-tasking operations and real-time avionics applications.

    The advanced graphic rendering module provides magnificent color and dynamic video display.

    Extensive I/O module accommodates existing needs and further growth possibilities include the ARINC818, ARINC429, ARINC664, ARINC825 and more.

    A LED backlight guarantees reduced power consumption and increases reliability.

    The keyless bezel and glossy surface create a super-wide display and an invisible ambient light sensor adjusts brightness automatically.