• The Aerodynamics Research Institute (AVIC-ARI) is unique to AVIC. Its cutting edge technology is fundamental in research and applications related to aeronautic aerodynamics, including aircraft aerodynamic configuration design, research and application of CFD technology, wind tunnel testing technology, and the design and manufacture of specialized testing equipment.

    Wind tunnel testing for all types of aircrafts.
    Aerodynamic testing on high-speed railway and automobiles, related to buildings and bridges, on new energy and microelectronic large scale integrated circuit cooling, as well as using test technologies and numerical calculations.
    General aircraft configuration design.
    Flow visualization and measurement equipment.
    Research in aero-acoustics, design and manufacture of noise control and measurement equipment.
    Research in icing and testing equipment and techniques.
    Development and production of sensors and automation control equipment.
    Design, construction, and renovation of high- and low-speed wind tunnels.
    Design equipment utiliized in oil field measurement.