• The FBC-1 is a two-seat, twin-engine supersonic fighter-bomber, designed for performing air interception and air-to-surface attack mission. Powered by two turbofan engines, it is equipped with advanced integrated avionics system. It can carry air-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, air-to-ground missiles and guided bombers. 









  • The FC-31 is a fourth generation multi role fighter developed for the international market. With excellent combined operation effectiveness and independent intellectual property rights, it adopts a normal configuration - single seat, twin engine, outward tilted twin vertical tail and all movable horizontal tail, with big S inlet on its both sides and a built-in weapon pod. 


    a) High survival rate: low radar observability, low IR radiation, excellent ECM, and low vulnerability;


    b) Multi mission capabilities: strong target detection and integrated outside information capability, outstanding status sensing and information sharing capability, beyond visual range (BVR) multi target attacking and large off-boresight all directional combat capability, accurate air-surface strike capability, and complicated weather conditions and vast region operation adaptability;

    c) Excellent integrated logistics capability; and

    d) High cost performance.







  • FC-20/FC-20A is a third generation fighter with high performance capabilities and multi-functioning abilities. The FC-20/FC-20A is remarkably reliable, persistent, and highly maneuverable. The new multi-fighter features a large operation radius, short take-off/landing distance, and strong attack capability.


    The FC-20/FC-20A has remarkable maneuverability at low and medium altitudes, and excellent ground attack capabilities. It is used in air interception, to provide air cover, air patrols, and air-to-air combat missions.In addition, the FC-20/FC-20A can perform battlefield air interdiction, close air support, battlefield sea attacks, and enemy ground target attack. The FC-20/FC-20A employs air defense weapons systems and can attack all ship sizes.


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  • This new-generation light multi-role fighter is jointly developed by China and Pakistan to meet the demands of modern air force for its development and replacement of the previous fleets. Equipped with state-of-the-art systems and weapons, the FC-1/JF-17 has BVR air combat capability as well as powerful air-to-surface attack capability. In addition, it offers customers a high cost-efficiency solution of affordable advanced fighter.

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  • The F-8T is a multi-purpose, supersonic, all-weather fighter. To meet the customers’ requirements, the F-8T is equipped with a pulse Doppler radar of outstanding performance. It is capable of accurate positioning, taking multi-air targets, guiding medium-range interception missiles and employing fire-and-forget missiles to perform single-target and double-target attacks. It is capable of both ground and sea attacks and can guide air-to-ship missiles, laser-guided bombs and various powerful weapons. Its specialized features have effectively improved the comprehensive battle capabilities of the aircraft. Features Excellent performance and low cost.
    Equipped with turbojet engines of high thrust and low fuel consumption.
    Equipped with homing missiles, combat in all weather conditions and superior viewing range.
    Accurate weapon release and strong air-to-ground and air-to-sea attack capabilites.
    Customizing modifications available.
    Engine Model2×WP13BⅡ
    Maximum thrust total2×68.67KN
    Extreme takeoff mass18879KG
    Maximum battle load mass2500KG
    Maximum speed, Mach number2.2
    Maximum range1900KM
    Maximum overloading6.9G
    Quantity of hard points7

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