• We produce various kinds of simulators as follows:

    Basic training simulators - these simulators can complete the training required by programs, and can also facilitate weaponry utilization, basic tactical and special situation handling training.

    Multiple-function training simulators - these simulators complete the modules required by the training program, and can also facilitate weapon use and basic tactical and special situation handling training. They can also do tactical application flight training.

    Special training simulators - These are simulators which mimic some particular systems of the aircraft, providing the trainees with the opportunity to carry out modules of relatively higher complexity and skill.

    K-8P series multi-function flight training simulator



    Multi-functional fixed-wing military aircraft simulator

  • With the marked differences in flying modes between helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts, there are special requirements in helicopter flight simulator development. These include mode of flight, pilot control mode and missions to carry out. According to general mission requirements, helicopters often fly close to the ground while making extreme maneuvers. Helicopter flight simulators must therefore provide pilots with large simulation field-of-views, detailed ground views and realistic dynamic performances.

    As the army further carries out its warfare modernization transformation—and with progressive helicopter equipment and technology development—military helicopters will play more and more important roles in future wars. Helicopter flight simulation training will thus become an important means for different military forces to raise combat capabilities, introduce warfare methodology, guarantee flight safety and foster pilot students.

    In targeting military and civilian market demands, Bluesky has completed several types of helicopter flight simulators and delivered them to military troops for operation. It is also developing helicopter simulators for civilian helicopters, as well as unique helicopter simulators for anti-submarine, ship landing applications and other distinctive functions.

    Z-9 Series Flight Simulator

    An attack helicopter motion and flight simulator

    MMI17-QR/D Motion Flight Simulator

  • The upgrade from a single-unit pilot skill training to multiple-unit tactical training is a worldwide trend in combat troops and simulation-training platforms. The tactical training system provides an integrated air and ground platform for which to complete the pilot flying skills training. It provides supporting missions for carrying out tactical training and warfare methodology research, thereby serving the upgrading of the whole combat capabilities.

    The tactical training system uses several single-unit tactical simulation terminals linked through a network, and covers tactical application core functions such as battle field environment simulation, blue force opponent simulation, computer-generated forces, ground command, tactical items setting, air-air/air-ground/ground-air weapons setting, and combat effect evaluation. It serves as a generic simulation application platform suitable for multiple-aircraft-type tactical confrontation training.

    Now, Bluesky has completed the development of two types of tactical confrontation systems suitable for different military forces which military troops will afterward now be equipped with.