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Successful Maiden Flight of China Made C919
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2017-05-08
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On May 5, the first C919 took off at 2:00PM from the No.4 runway at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai. After 79 minutes of a stable cruising flight within the limited airspace at 3,000 m altitude southeast of Nantong and completing its test subjects, it returned, landing safely thereby marking a perfect maiden flight of the C919.

The C919 large passenger aircraft is the first single aisle trunkliner developed by China. Its design places it in the most popular 150 seat class single aisle aircraft market. With the basic versions — a mixed layout of 158 seats and an all-economy cabin layout of 168 seats — its standard range reaches 4,075 km with an extended range of 5,555 km. Furthermore, the advanced aerodynamic configuration, structural materials and airborne systems allow its designed functions to reduce resistance by 5% and direct operating costs by 10% compared with the same category of aircraft in service. To date, the C919 has received 570 orders from both Chinese and foreign customers.

It is reported that the first flight of C919 marks the start of development flight tests and demonstration flight tests. Six test aircraft will be put into flight tests for the testing subjects of stall, power, performances, stable handling, flight control, icing, high temperature, plateau and cold region. Another two ground test aircraft will be used for static and fatigue tests. The second test aircraft will complete its maiden flight in the second half of this year.