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Full-Composite Wing Loong I-D On Air
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2018-12-25
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Dec. 23th, Wing Loong I-D, the first full-composite UAV made in China completed its maiden flight in China, marking a key further milestone in the development of AVIC's Wing Loong family.
The Wing Loong I-D took off at 16:32PM and kept flying for 30 minutes, and completed all scheduled test mission successfully.
Less take-off weight, higher operating ceiling, longer endurance, larger internal and external loading capacity, and better communication, all the improvements make Wing Long I-D a more advanced medium altitude long endurance(MALE) UAV system.
Basic payload configuration of Wing Loong I-D includes high definition EO and SAR, which can be expanded to signal or electronic reconnaissance device. Besides, four hardpoints are compatible with more than 10 models of laser or satellite-guided precision munitions.
With diversified payload, Wing Loong I-D can perform ISR, anti-terrorism, border patrol, anti-drug, anti-smuggling and other security missions, and civil needs like homeland resource investigation, pipe network inspection, disaster monitoring and evaluation etc.