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MA60 Yunnan Demonstration Tour Wraps Up
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2019-01-23
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Jan. 22, an AVIC MA60 regional passenger aircraft speeded up into the air from Changshui airport at Kunming, kicking off the MA60 Yunnan Demonstration Tour.

Supported by AVIC Civil Aircraft and Yunnan Airport Group, the 3-day flight event is aiming to demonstrate adaptivity of MA60 when operating at high altitute airport, which futher reveals AVIC Civil Aircraft’s determination to develop a general-purpose version of MA60, and brings confidence to the potential customers.

After the Kunming-Lijiang flight on Jan. 22, a static display of MA60 in Changshui Airport is welcomed by crowds from Yunnan Airport Group, airlines, press, and public fans.

“Yunnan is a remote south-west province with beautiful mountains and rivers, which make it a ideal destination for tourists if Yunnan can provide safe and convinient transporatation to those destinations. Regional aviation with fast commute capability is the most suitable approach to build the way for tourists. Complying with both CCAR-121 and CCAR-135 operation requirement, MA60 with Class II approaching capability can perform flight in complex weather conditions. So, a commute version of MA60 is the best choice for Yunnan”, an official for organizing the event told.

Following the first day flight, a circle rally flight from Kunming-Lancang-Wenshang-Kunming and a round flight between Kunming and Xishuangbanna are conducted on Jan 23 and 24.

MA60 is a CCAR-25 certified regional turboprop aircraft, which can take off and landing at unpaved runway and easily being modified to conduct multi-role mission.