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AVIC Delivers the 100th B777 Empennage Tip
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2019-02-26
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On Feb. 18, AVIC and Boeing celebrate delivery of the 100th B777 empennage tip at Shenyang city.
AVIC is the only worldwide supplier of tail wing tip for the Boeing 777 passenger aircraft, while the contract for production of the bonded metal part was signed in Nov. 2014.
Under the contract, the AVIC SAC Commercial Aircraft build tips for the 777 vertical fin and horizontal stabilizer at its new factory near the airport in Shenyang, China. The factory delivered the first piece on May 25, 2016.
AVIC has produced airplane components for Boeing since 1990, starting with cargo doors for the 757 and expanding to complex empennage manufacturing. AVIC also supplies the vertical fin leading edge and tip for the 787 Dreamliner and the entire 737 empennage (section 48).
AVIC facilities across China manufacture parts for all Boeing programs including the 737 vertical and horizontal stabilizers, 747 inboard flap, 767 converted freighter floor beams and 787 rudder.