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AVIC Air Silk Road Projects Support Belt & Road Initiatives
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2019-04-25
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On April 25, the second edition of Belt & Road International Cooperation Summit opened at Beijing. The summit was featured with a scheme of “Common Belt & Road, Bright Tomorrow”,marking the joint effort for all parties within the initiatives.
During the Summit, AVIC Intl Project Engineering, together with CPI Power Engineering, signed general contractor agreement with Shanghai Electric Power and Turkey EMBA Electricity Production Company, for the 2×660MW Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Project.
AVIC has been committed to infrastructure and human resource development of countries along the belt & road, with iconic projects like Luanda International Airport at Angola, Xai-Xai airport at Mozambique, and the popular Africa Tech Challenge for improving African technician’s working skill.