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Y12F Aircraft Completed EASA Flight Test
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2019-05-27
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On May 27th, Y12F aircraft completed the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) verification test flight at the Sanjiang Wetland Airport.
EASA test pilots verified the basic performance, flight quality, stall characteristics, flight manuals and ergonomics of the aircraft through six sorties in four days and 9.8 flight hours. They completed the functional inspection of the relevant avionics, flying quality at variable centers of gravity, flight at night and autopilot.
The completion of this mission has paved the way for EASA’s grant of Type Certificate to Y12F.
Y12F is a high-wing, twin-engine turboprop utility aircraft with 19 seats, and received FAA certificate at 2016.