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AVIC President Meets with PAF’s Chief of the Air Staff
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2018-07-18
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AVIC President Luo Ronghuai met with Air Chief Marshal Mujahid, PAF’s Chief of the Air Staff, in Beijing on July 18.


Both sides reviewed the long-standing history of cooperation in the aviation field between the two countries. Mujahid said that PAF highly praised the serious and professional attitude of partners from AVIC, and appreciated AVIC’s support for PAF. He said that PAF will forever value the friendship with AVIC. Luo Ronghuai thanked PAF for its trust in AVIC. He said that AVIC would work together with PAF to promote the continuous growth of projects and make contributions to the cooperation between the two countries. Both sides reached a consensus on future projects.