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Aerial Silk Road Summit Held in Beijing
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2018-09-17
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On September 13, the Aerial Silk Road International Aviation Cooperation Summit 2018 was held in Beijing. The conference, which was initiated and sponsored by AVIC and themed by 40 Years of Openness and Reform for New Aviation Era, aims to provide the connectivity of the Belt and Road countries with total aviation solutions, actively to promote the aviation industry matching between China and those countries and to strengthen the social and economic development in the resident countries so as to push forward the Chinese aviation industry to go out for new aviation development situation.

The attendees include H.E. Muratbek Imanaliev, the former Secretary-General of SCO and Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, Mr. A. Emin Onen, Turkish Ambassador to China, Mr. Zhang Fawei, Deputy Director-General of SASAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council), Mr. Liu Feng, Director of Transport of CAAC, Mr. Luo Ronghuai, President of AVIC, as well as Mr. Chen Yuanxian, Executive Vice President of AVIC. The representatives from the relevant authorities, embassies/consulates, financial institutions, aviation manufacturing industry, aviation transport industry and aviation infrastructure enterprises of 18 countries conducted in depth their exchanges on aviation industry planning, cooperation opportunities and building up the Aerial Silk Road platform.

Luo Ronghuai pointed out that the Aerial Silk Road is a resource integration going abroad strategy that AVIC proposes in order to respond to the Belt and Road initiative, to combine AVIV’s advantages and to face the whole aviation industrial chain. The Aerial Silk Road adheres to the core concept of the BRI Consultation, Contribution and Shared Benefits, contributes to promote the cooperation between China and the Belt and Road countries by way of surrounding the connectivity and emergency security themes, focusing on the three fields in terms of aviation infrastructure construction, aviation network establishment and aviation products trade so as to boost the economic growth, people’s wellbeing, trade balance and sustainable development of the Belt and Road countries.

During the summit, the VIPs who made their keynote speeches include Mr. Liu Lin, Senior Vice President of International Affairs Department of AVIC, H.E. Muratbek Inanaliev, former Secretary-General of SCO, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgystan, Mr. Askar Murabayev, President of Kazakhstan Airport Management Group, H. E. Harishchandra Ghimire, Minister-Counselor, Embassy of Nepal in China, Mr. Liu Feng, Director-General of Department of Transport of CAAC, Ms. Wang Hong, General Manager, Headquarter Business Department One of SINOSURE, Mr. Shi Yong Hong, Vice President of CCCME as well as Mr. Marcel Johannes Petrus Langeslag, Vice President and President of African Development Department of Holland NACO.

Mr. Chen Yuanxian read the Aerial Silk Road Union Initiative. The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd., Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd., Aero Engine Corporation of China, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Civil Aviation Investment Fund and Huahe International initiated the founding of the Union. The Union will be on the basis of Equal, Voluntary and Opening while coordinating resources, conducting complementary advantages and forming resultant force so as to meet the demands on the aviation infrastructure, aviation manufacturing and aviation operation along the Belt and Road countries.