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LE700 Successfully Make Maiden flight
  • source: AVIC
  •   publish date:2019-04-01
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On Mar. 22, Little Eagle700, a light multi-role aircraft jointly developed by AVIC and General Aviation International (Xi’an), made a successful maiden flight at Yanliang, Xi’an. The first flight started at 9:00 am and lasted 21 minutes, and validated the operation system, propulsion system, and avionics.

LE700 is a four-seat, single piston-engine, high wing, propeller-driven aircraft newly designed according to CCAR-23-R3. Conventional aerodynamic configuration with large-area tail rudder provides excellent operational performance.LE700 is a clean-sheet design with matured technology and aiming at pilot training market for short-range transport, general aviation, and private flight. LE700 is capable of providing tail spinning training and features better safety, comfort, and maintainability.

LE700 plans to complete the airworthiness compliance test flight and deliver the first piece within two years. In the future, LE700 will be modified to cargo, private, EMS, agriculture, amphibious configuration by market demand.