The FTC-2000G is a light multi-utility airplane based off the FTC-2000 series. It features attacking, fighting and training functions and can fully replace the F-7 and A-5 aircrafts. In addition, the FTC-2000G will replace Alpha Jet and FT-7 in the accomplishment of basic and senior fighting tasks for pilots. With high operational effectiveness and training efficiency, it is the ideal upgrade to replace second-generation light aircrafts.FeaturesFTC-2000G has remarkable maneuverability in high transonic regions at medium and low altitudes, with a low speed and take-off/landing capacity. The flight envelope is wide with broad field of view for pilots to control the front and rear cabin. The air equipment and weapon system is fully equipped with remarkable safety and reliability to replace both the Alpha Jet and the FT-7 in accomplishing basic and senior training tasks with other primer fighting and tactic tasks.

After completing advanced training, it can be modified into F-7 planes to cultivate and retain excellent fighter pilots. The FTC-2000G has adopted a cutting edge wing design and a unique BUMP inlet on the front and back flap of large areas for a four generational aircraft. That, and other advanced technology, gives the aircraft a wide flight envelope with an excellent flight performance and quality.
Maximum operating mach1.2
Maximum IAS1000km/h
Min. IAS195km/h

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