LE500 is a light 4 - 5 seat aircraft designed, tested, manufactured and certified strictly according to the CCAR-23-R2 Aviation Regulations. It meets the commercial license training requirements of CCAR-141 for single-engine aircraft pilots training. With modifications, it can be used as a business aircraft, tourism plane, for agriculture and forestry, animal husbandry, fishing and other environmental tasks. It can also be used for air surveying, photography, aviation clubs, private flight, military and paramilitary missions.

FeaturesThe aircraft in its conventional configuration is a low-wing propeller-driven monoplane with a full motion vertical tail, retractable tricycle landing gears and a single piston engine. The aircraft, a single pilot vehicle, has four seats including the pilot’s in its basic version and five for the economic version. There is no optional equipment for the basic version. The service life of its airframe counts up to 10,000 flight hours. The aircraft is designed and certified as per the CCAR-23-R2 requirements for normal category aircrafts.Performance
Wing Span9.879m
Overall Length7.743m
Overall Height3.044m
Required Take-off Distance383 m
Required Landing Distance270 m
Maximum Level Speed280Km/h
Maximum Cruise Speed250Km/h
Maximum Rate of Climb5.75m/s
Maximum Range260 km
Maximum Endurance8h
Maximum Take-off Weight1400Kg
Engine TBO2000h
Propeller TBO2400h





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