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As a responsible enterprise, AVIC actively participate in those activities to serve the society.

To secure the harmony between corporate growth and social progress, we always pay close attention to the growth of both our corporation and communities, and make sure to support public welfare activities. These can range from poverty reduction, disaster relief and educational donations, to active participation in community development programs.

MoreEnvironmental Protection
We actively promote clean production, new environmental technology and innovative process applications. During the manufacturing process, we focus on reducing energy consumption, environmental pollution and emissions, and improving recycling.
MoreCompany & Society
We play a positive role in developing new energy resources and high-level solutions such as wind power, solar energy, biomass power generation, energy storage and distributed energy. We organize employees to engage as volunteers in activities such as environmental improvement and promoting scientific knowledge , so as to create a good environment for public engagement.
MoreCompany & Staff
We have fully implemented safe production, set a high value on the occupational health and safety of employees, and we advocate a healthy work-life balance.