TAN Ruisong

Chairman of the Board


TAN Ruisong was born in February 1962. He has begun his career since 1983. As a research-level senior engineer, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Engine Design & Manufacturing from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a Master's Degree in Marine Power Engineering as well as a PhD Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Harbin Engineering University. He acts as Chairman of the Board of AVIC. He is also a member of the 13th Session of CPPCC.


Before that, he has held positions as President in AVIC Harbin Dong'an Automotive Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Vice Chairman and President in AVIC Harbin Engine (Group) Co. Ltd., Chairman in AVIC Harbin Aviation Industry Group Co. Ltd., Executive Vice President AVIC II, Executive Vice President of AVIC, President and Board Director of AVIC.


LUO Ronghuai



LUO Ronghuai was born in December 1961, and began his career in1982. He received his Bachelor's Degree with a major in High Altitude Equipment in Department of Aircraft Design of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as MBA from Sichuan Institute of Business Administration. He acts as President and Board Director of AVIC.


Before that, he has successively held positions as Deputy Chief Engineer and Vice President of Chengdu Aircraft Industry Company, President and Chairman of Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd., Assistant President of AVIC I (as well as President of AVIC Commercial Aircraft Co. Ltd. and Chairman of Shanghai Aviation Industry Group), Executive Vice President of COMAC, Executive Vice President of Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC).


LI Benzheng

Executive Vice President, Board Director

Li Benzheng was born in 1960, senior engineer. He graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree. He acts as Executive Vice President and Board Director of AVIC.

Before joining AVIC, he was the Chief Engineer of State Administration of Science, Technology, and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND). Prior to that, Li successively served in COSTIND as Deputy Director General of System Engineering Department I, Director General of Technology& Quality Department, Deputy Commander and Director General of Engineering Leading Office of the Lunar Exploration Project at Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center.

ZHANG Minsheng

Chief Finance Officer

Zhang Minsheng, born in August 1968, has begun his career since 1990. He received his Bachelor's Degree from Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, as well as Master's degree from HEC Business School in Paris. He acts as Chief Finance Officer of AVIC.

Mr. Zhang successively served as Director General of Auditing Department, VP Finance at AVIC II, President and Chairman of Xi’an Aero-engine Group, VP of AVIC Aviation Power (as well as President of AVIC Aviation Power Xi’an Branch), President of AVIC Capital, Chief Finance Officer of AECC, Chairman of AECC Aviation Power Co. Ltd, and Executive Board Director of AECC Assets Management.


CHEN Yuanxian

Executive Vice President

Chen Yuanxian received his Bachelor's Degree from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Doctorate from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

He had held positions of President of China Aviation Accessories Institute, Vice Chairman of Jincheng Group and President of Nanjing Electro-Mechanics Center. In AVIC I, he successively served as VP Airborne Equipment, Director General of New Aircraft Office and Deputy Chief Engineer. Then he acted as Deputy Chief Economist, VP Strategic Planning, Director General of Board Office, Chief Economist and Secretary of Board in AVIC. Prior to his current position, he served as Vice President, and later President of AviChina.


Executive Vice President

YANG Wei, born in May 1963, began his career in November1985. He received both his Bachelor's Degree of Aerodynamics and Master's Degree of Flight Dynamics of Northwestern Polytechnical University. He holds positions of Executive Vice President of AVIC as well as Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deputy Director General of Science and Technology Committee of AVIC. He is also a member of 13th session of NPC.

Before that, he has acted successively as Vice President,Chief Engineer and President of AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Research and Design Institute ,as well as Deputy Chief Engineer of AVIC.


REN Yukun

Executive Vice President, Corporate Ethics

Ren Yukun, born in 1965, began his career in July 1988. Mr. Ren received his Master's Degree in Management Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, and a Doctor's Degree in Management Science and Engineering from Beijing University of Technology. Currently, he acts in AVIC as Executive Vice President, Corporate Ethics.

Before joining AVIC, he served in CASIC successively as VP Human Resources, Member of Corporate Ethics Team (as well as supervisor of State-owned Enterprise Supervisory Board).

HAO Zhaoping

Executive Vice President

Hao Zhaoping received his Bachelor's degree of Aircraft Structure and Strength from the National University of Defense Technology, and Master's degree from China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology. He acts as Executive Vice President of AVIC.

Prior to that, he served in China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology at CASC, successively as Assistant Director General, Deputy Director General and Director General of Operation Management Department, Director General of R&D Planning Department, Vice President and later President.