About us
Research & Development
As one of China’s scientific development leaders, AVIC has developed full industry chain capabilities for the development of aircraft, aero engines and airborne equipment. We are able to provide support and innovate independently. Our broad achievements in aerodynamics, structural strength, materials, manufacturing, flight tests, standardization, measurement and informatization have been applied widely in aviation and other industries. We continue to provide technological breakthroughs, research products and services to China and the world.
Focusing on R&D is the basis for AVIC’s success. Our scientific research system involves the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment (CAE) and 33 research institutes. We also own 9 key national labs, 24 nationally accredited enterprise technology centers and 32 province/ministry level enterprise centers. We have world-leading large-scale research and test facilities.
Research talents are our valuable assets. AVIC has a large body of well-known academicians, chief designers and engineering experts, among which 26% are professional technicians, and 6,000 are senior researchers; 58% of employees are at the middle/senior level.

We encourage innovation. We have competitive independent intellectual property rights for many key products and technologies. AVIC has won 22 national scientific prizes, including one Grand National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. We are increasing the number of patent applications by 20-30% annually, and we have applied for 30,000 patents in total.