Education and Training
We hold that education & training will generate enterprise productivity and carries out on the job training, skill development and academic education.

AVIC University is our main channel for professional education. AVIC has strengthened its multi-dimensional and all-round educational training for 5 different groups of talents. The result is a unique training program with an average 1.11 million annual training hours. AVIC University has been awarded "Best Business School in China" and "2013 Top 10 Best Corporate University in China," in addition to other titles.

We promote the international talent training project and implement an overseas talent training plan as well. Core staff are selected and sent to study abroad for master’s degrees and doctor’s degrees. We also select and assign visiting scholars to go to overseas academies, research institutions, and multinational corporations for academic and business exchanges at a rate of one hundred people per year and one thousand people every ten years.

We offer a variety of training programs for our employees to help improve their skills and capabilities for development. The training programs include job training, vocational education, academic education and skills contests. We also attach importance to encourage the exchanges and development of the overseas employees.