• The MA60 is a two-pilot aircraft carrying 52~56 passengers. The main avionics are from world-famous suppliers and it is equipped with two PW-127J turboprop engines of Pratt & Whitney Canada and 247F-3 propellers of Hamilton Sundstrand of US. MA60 is safe for instrument meteorological conditions flight, as well as for taking-off/landing on unpaved runways such as earth, grass or graveled runway. It may also be customized for various applications depend on the customer requirements Features

    The MA60 is a reliable aircraft for an airline to develop regional transportation business for its excellent cost effectiveness, high airport adaptability and being environmentally- friendly.

    Cost effective: The MA60 is designed with an optimized aerodynamic configuration, a long service life, high fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost, which all contribute to its low operation cost.

    Comfort: The MA60’s airframe section is designed to the civil aircraft economic and comfort standards and its cabin is designed by reference to the typical size of an American or European man (1.805m tall), which make it satisfy with the passenger’s request for comfortability.

    Airport adaptive: The MA60 is not restrictive in runway length and runway surface quality. It is capable of taking-off/landing on soil, cement, pitch and gravel or grass runway, as well as capable of instrument meteorological conditions flight. Therefore, it has good airport adaptability.

    Environmentally-friendly: The turboprop engine is quite environmentally-friendly for its low emission which minimizes the affect to environment.

    Performance Geometric Data
    Aircraft Length 24.708 m
    Parking Height (free condition) 8.853 m
    Wing Span 29.2 m
    Horizontal Tail Wing Span 9.996 m
    Main Wheel Track 7.90 m
    Wheel Base 9.564 m
    Maximum Width of the Fuselage 2.9 m
    Cabin Width 2.686 m
    Cabin Length 10.794 m
    Cabin Height 1.896 m
    Passenger door 0.750×1.405 m
    Forward Cargo Door 1.190×1.220 m
    Rear Cargo Door 0.750×1.410 m
    Emergency Exit 0.510×0.927 m

    Aircraft Weight and C.G Data
    Maximum Taxiing Weight 21900 kg
    Maximum Take-off Weight 21800 kg
    Maximum Landing Weight 21200 kg 
    Maximum Payload  550 kg
    Maximum Fuel Weight 4030 kg
    Business Weight 375 kg 

    Main Performance Data Take-off Balance Field Length (Maximum Take-off Weight)
    Sea level, ISA condition, Flaps 15° 1660 m
    Sea level, ISA condition, Flaps 5°(optional) 1705 m
    Required Landing Field Length (Maximum Landing Weight)
    Dry runway, Target airport (coefficient 1.667)  
    Sea level, ISA condition 1460 m

    Single Engine Net Ceiling (95%MTOW)
    ISA condition, APU bleed 3825 m
    Maximum Operation Altitude 7620 m

    Maximum cruising speed (TAS), 96%MTOW,ISA condition H=5486 m 445 km/h

    Leg Performance ISA, calm wind, cruising altitude:6096 m,IFR backup fuel:
    Block Distance 970 km
    Block Fuel 1600 kg
    Block Time 2.77 h
    Contact Email:a92200@126.com, public@catic.cn


  • The MA600 is a new type twin-engine turboprop regional aircraft designed and developed on the mature platform of MA60 and certified to the latest airworthiness regulation CCAR25. It is a two-pilot aircraft which can carry 56 passengers. Compared with the original platform, the MA600 incorporates main design improvements and optimizations in fuselage structure, integrated avionics, interior furnishings and ETOPS, which upgrades the aircraft to be more safe, comfort and cost-effective, easier maintained and better airport adaptive.

    Features Structural optimization: Improved airframe structure fatigue property and aircraft maintainability; new adopted ladder door for passenger boarding, outward-opened service door and rear cargo door——more convenient for customer’s operation.
    Integrated avionics system: The concise and efficient man-aircraft interface consisting of 5 integrated displays reduces the work load of pilots and improves the aircraft controllability. The avionics integrated with a failure analysis system helps to find failure quickly and thus improves the aircraft readiness rate.
    Interior furnishings/equipment: New designed cabin layout and upgrade baggage bin, sun shade and interiors allow for a quieter environment inside the cabin.
    ETOPS technology: The design optimization adds 120 minutes of ETOPS to the aircraft allowing it for an over-sea flight.
    Performance Geometric Data:
    Aircraft length24.708 m
    Parking height (free condition)8.853 m
    Wing span29.2 m
    Horizontal tail wing span9.996 m
    Main wheel track7.90 m
    Nose main wheel track9.564 m
    Maximum fuselage width2.9 m
    Cabin width2.686 m
    Cabin length10.794 m
    Cabin height1.896 m
    Boarding gate0.750×1.405 m
    Forward cargo door1.190×1.220
    Rear cargo door0.750×1.410 m
    Emergency exit0.510×0.927 m
    Aircraft Weight and C.G Data:
    Maximum Taxiing Weight21900 kg
    Maximum Take-off Weight21800 kg
    Maximum Landing Weight21200 kg
    Maximum Payload5500 kg
    Maximum Fuel Weight4030 kg
    Business Weight375 kg
    Main Performance Data: Take-off Balance Field Length (Maximum Take-off Weight)
    Sea level, ISA condition, flaps 15°1660 m
    Sea level, ISA condition, flaps 5°(optional)1705 m
    Required Landing Field Length (Maximum landing weight)
    Dry runway, Target airport (coefficient 1.667 ) 
    Sea level, ISA condition1460 m
    Single Engine Net Ceiling (95%MTOW)
    ISA condition, APU bleed3825 m
    Maximum operation altitude7620 m
    Maximum cruising speed (TAS), 96%MTOW, ISA condition

    H=5486 m 44 km/h

    Leg Performance

    ISA, calm wind, cruising altitude: 6096 m, IFR backup fuel:

    Block distance970 km
    Block fuel1600 kg
    Block time2.77 h

    Email:a92200@126.com, public@catic.cn




  • The MA700 is a new generation of turboprop regional aircraft with a high-wing, T-shape tail, wing-hanged twin engines, composite propellers and tricycle landing gear configuration. It is a two-pilot aircraft with a standard cabin layout of 78 seats. The aircraft is intended to be the most advanced medium and short-range turboprop regional aircraft globally, with the best performance as well as excellent compatibility in term of cost effective among similar type of aircraft. The MA700 series start with a standard passenger version and will further be developed to have cargo version and business version successively.

    Features With the advantages of world-leading technologies, global resources integration, caring about passenger feeling, new customer service concept, being cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, the MA700 is focused on the 800km-range market. Performance
    78 passenger seats in standard cabin
    Wing span 27.5m
    Overall length 30.5m
    Maximum height 8.1m
    Maximum range 2700km
    Maximum service altitude 7620m
    Single-engine ceiling 5400m
    Maximum airport elevation 4000m
    Maximum cruise speed 637km/h
    Contact Email: public@catic.cn