• The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a five - seven seat single engine business VLJ aircraft with a pressurized cabin, carbon fiber composite airframe and a turbo-fan engine from Williams. It also possesses an airframe parachute system. The Vision is designed to be easily operated, safe and comfortable to fly with good handling capabilities.Performance

    Wing Span11.7m
    Overall Length9.42m
    Overall Height3.2m
    Maximum Cruise Speed555Km/h
    Required Landing Distance379m
    Take-off Distance649m
    Contact Email:info@cirrusaircraft.com 

    Website: www.cirrusaircraft.com


  • In 2012, Textron Fareast Private Co., Ltd and Huanan Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd of 1.AVIC General set up a joint venture for the final assembly of the business aircraft the Cessna Citation XSL+ in China. The purposes of the joint venture covers XSL+ final assembly, painting, testing, interior installation, customized conversion and flight testing as well as delivery of the aircraft to both to Chinese customers and beyond. The Cessna Citation XSL+, an entry-level aircraft has a variety of system, excellent time-saving vertical speed and high airport adaptability. The aircraft has a transcontinental range, luxurious cabin for 12 passengers, streamlined airframe and cockpit with a wide field of vision. Performance
    Wing Span17.17m
    Overall Length16m
    Overall Height5.23m
    Maximum Level Speed817Km/h
    Required Landing Distance969m
    Take-off Distance1085m



  • The AG300 is a six-seat, lightweight single-engine pressurized turboprop business aircraft with a carbon fiber composite airframe and a Honeywell TPE331-10 engine. It is currently one of the fastest pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft in its class around the world.

    Features The aircraft features a simple structure and a lightweight design. With a high top speed and excellent safety rating it offers comfort and excellent economy. Its maximum flight speed is 600 km/h with a range of up to 1850 km. The aircraft features an all-composite airframe in carbon fiber, which significantly improves the aircraft performance. It features a user-friendly interface, advanced avionic system, easy-to-operate control mechanism, ergonomic seats, advanced soundproofing and a pressurized cabin for high altitude flight. The model marks a perfect integration of aviation technology with modern esthetics to satisfy the demands of top customers. Performance
    Wing Span11.06m
    Overall Length10.33m
    Overall Height3.57m
    Maximum Cruise Speed652Km/h
    Maximum Range2611 km
    Maximum Take-off Weight2495Kg
    Maximum Payload-full Fuel388kg

    Website: www.caiga.cn



  • The new generation BJ (Business Jet) of China developed by AVIC Aviation Techniques. Co, LTD. is a large-scale operation featuring aircraft with long-range, large cabin and high cruising speed. With advanced digital fly-by-wire, integrated avionics and a new generation propulsion system, the BJ has a novel design in order to be the best among similar products. It is capable of achieving transcontinental flight in order to meet the needs of business trips under all kinds of complex environment. The spacious and comfort cabin allows you to experience an extraordinary air journey.

    It features an advanced digital fly-by-wire,integrated avionics and a new generation power system all integrated into our large-scale business jets.

    The long-range transcontinental flight capacity meets the needs of application under all kinds of complex conditions.

    Their high cruising speed allow for arriving at destinations quickly and efficiently.

    The spacious, comfortable cabin is connected to an entertainment system with instant global communications providing an unparalleled work and leisure experience. With a high dispatch rate and low operating costs, it is a leader in its class.