• AC311 is a light, single-engine helicopter with a 2.2 ton maximum take-off weight. It has obtained CAAC certificate, and passed AEG operation inspection. Equipped with American or French engine, it is capable of carrying 4 passengers in its spacious cabin, low operating cost, large internal space. AC311 can be used in air patrol, public security, law enforcement, EMS, S&R,, routine inspections, tourism, and more. Features Single rotor general layout light helicopter;
    Spacious comfortable cabin;
    Twin-skid, excellent landing adaptability;
    Good high altitude performance;
    Easy maintenance, low operating cost.Capacity
    2 pilots + 3 pax (VIP)
    2 pilots + 4 pax
    1 pilot + 5 pax
    Contact Email: shent@avic.com, public@catic.cn 




  • AC312 is an intermediate class (4 ton class) twin engine, multi-purpose helicopter with a single rotor and fenestron. It complies with CCAR29 specifications regarding visual flight rules (VFR) and instrument flight rules (IFR), and has a CCAR29 Category A certificate. AC312 can fly day and night through complex weather patterns. Powered by two French or Chinese engines with 531kw of takeoff power, it has a fast cruising speed, is highly reliable, and has a low operating cost. It can be used for passenger and cargo transport, law enforcement, tourism, EMS, S&R, aerial photography, and more.
    Features Massively use of composite materials;
    Flexible rotorhead system with 4 pcs composite rotor blades;
    Low noise level;
    Integrated flight display system;
    Multi-purpose design;
    Large payload, superior performance;
    Easy maintenance, low operating cost. Capacity
    2 pilots + 12 pax
    1 or 2 pilot(s) + 4 stretchers + 1 med
    1 or 2 pilot(s) + 2 stretchers + 4 meds

    Email:shent@avic.com, public@catic.cn




  • AC313 is a large, tri-engine helicopter with a 13 ton maximum takeoff weight. It has obtained CAAC certificate. Powered by Canadian engines, it is the first civilian helicopter in the world that meets Category A performance requirements at an elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level. Max external load is 5,000kg. Featuring excellent altitude plateau performance, the AC313 can be used for EMS, aviation firefighting, transportation, aerial work. Features6 pcs composite material main rotor blades and titanium flexible rotorhead;
    Multi-purpose design;
    High slingling and loading capability;
    Easy maintenance, low operating cost;
    Large and comfortable cabin;
    Long range flight. Capacity
    18 - 27 pax or 15 stretchers

    Email:shent@avic.com, public@catic.cn


  • AC352 is an intermediate class, multi-purpose helicopter in compliance with CS/CCAR29 regulations. It can carry 14-16 pax for offshore passenger transportation. Contact

    Email: shent@avic.com, public@catic.cn

    5 composite material main rotor blades and titanium flexible rotorhead;
    HELIONIX ® integrated avionics systems;
    Dual-duplex 4-axis automatic flight control system;
    4 pcs of 6x8-inch multi-function displays;
    Low level of noise and vibration;
    Spacious and comfortable cabin;
    Easy maintenance, excellent reliability, low operating costs;
    Large payload, long cruising range
    Capacity 14-16 pax