• AVICIT has established a constantly escalating think tank with 20 years' experience in aviation informatization and a thorough understanding of business pattern and revolution in aviation. Based on advanced international theory of enterprise architecture, it has formed a system of consultation services with informatization consultation as its core innovative point. It provides enterprises with consultation in general IT planning conforming to their strategies, informatization solution to complete value chains, comprehensive IT administration and supportive process management.


    Enterprise Informatization Planning Theoretic Training for Informatization
    Strategic Informatization Planning
    Business Informatization Planning
    Process Informatization Planning
    Enterprise Architecture Planning Theoretic Training for Enterprise Architecture
    Design and Development of Enterprise Architecture
    Consultation for Enterprise Architecture Administration and IT Administration
    Consultation for Implementation of Enterprise Architecture

    Business Process Management Theoretic Training of Process Management
    Review of Business Process
    Optimization Analysis of Business Process
    Business Process Automation
    Establishment of Process Management System

    Information Resource Management Theoretic Training of Information Resource Management
    Data Model Design
    Data Distribution Design
    Standards Formulation for Information Resource Management
    System Formulation for Data Management

    Evaluation of Informatization Level Consultation for Evaluation Index Systems of Group Level/ Enterprise Level
    Diagnostic Evaluation of Informatization of Group Level/Enterprise Level
    Consultation for Informatization Promotion of Group Level/Enterprise Level
  • AVICIT provides solutions to enterprise production and operation management, human resource management, financial management, basic technology management, decision-making management, project management, etc.


    Solutions to Enterprise Decision-Making Control Decision-Making Analysis
    Master Data Management
    Operation Control Platform

    Solution to Operation Management Informatization Multi-Project Collaborative Management System
    ERP System
    Manufacturing Execution System
    Integrated Quality Information System
    Cost Management System

    Solutions to Comprehensive Management Informatization Financial Management System
    Knowledge Management System
    Archives Management System
    Cooperative Office System
    Human Resources Management System
    Standardization Management System

    Solutions to Application Integration Portal Platform
    Business Process Management System
  • Oriented to the complex, systematic and intelligent development of high-end equipment product, we take the lead in overall engineering informatization solutions, informatization consultation and planning , its application development and system implementation in China with intensive study on Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and complex systems. Our service covers requirements engineering, design engineering, manufacturing engineering, test engineering, simulation engineering, delivery engineering and collaborative research. They can effectively enhance innovation capacity, improve product quality and increase research efficiency. In aviation, astronautics, nuclear and many other fields, these services are successfully applied to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprise development mode.


    Requirement engineering By using the model, we run through the process of complex system requirements analysis and management, function analysis and architecture design, build the engineering system according to the needs, guide the product development and carry out requirements capture, requirements analysis, requirements decomposition, requirements-based design and requirements-based verification. With Systems Modeling Language (SysML) , we define the function according to the customers’ needs, start architecture design according to the function and carry out the requirements and functional verification through model simulations to ensure that the delivery of the complex system requirements, functions and architecture are standard and clear. Therefore, we can provide an accurate basis for the subsequent design and manufacturing.
    •Requirements management
    •Function analysis and architecture design

    Design engineering To meet customers’ desire for complex system(product), we use the integrated R&D and concurrent engineering to achieve process-driven with feature-based rapid design, associated design, Model-Based Definition (MBD) and other technologies. We enhance the design capacity for product manufacturing, assembly test and service assurance, ensure the design quality of complex system (product) in overall and engineering plan and reduce the engineering changes in subsequent development process.
    •Feature-based rapid concept prototype design
    •Model-based associated design
    •Model-based definition

    Simulation engineering To verify the user needs analysis and the accuracy and reliability of the program design results, we established a multi-level functionality and performance simulation system including system-level simulation, subsystem-level simulation, components simulation and so on. We also carry out machinery, electronics, electrical, software and other simulation analysis disciplines to provide a comparison, evaluation and verification basis for requirement analysis and program design.
    •Unified modeling and co-simulation
    •Electromechanical Modeling and Simulation
    •Software modeling and simulation
    •Simulation data management

    Manufacturing engineering To make the design solutions rapidly and efficiently converted into actual products, we use 3D process design and simulation, (including the factory layout, production line and logistics simulation, etc.), multiple BOM (XBOM) associated reconstruction,manufacturing resource management and other techniques to realize model-based manufacturing process management and enhance the integration level of process, data and resource during development. We can guarantee the development of digital link which runs through Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Model-Based Instruction (MBI).
    •Manufacturing process management
    •Process design and simulation
    •Visualization work instruction

    Test engineering For better accuracy and reliability of results verification, we use the combination of physical authenticity and virtual high-efficiency on the basis of simulation to achieve the test task management, test data analysis management and test results assess management etc.. We also enhance comprehensive experimental ability which combines virtual simulation test with practical physical test. We can ensure the centralized control of the test, test data and test procedures.
    •Digital test
    •Semi-/practical test
    •Test data management

    Delivery engineering To satisfy customers' needs for complex system (product) and related service, we promote overall management which transfers, tests and confirms data material of complex system (product) by improving quality control (by inspection and so forth) and the collection, transfer and sharing process of security data. In this way, we can guarantee the reliability, maintainability, supportability and adaptability of the final delivery system.
    •Digital test

    Collaborative research Collaborative research is to meet the requirements of secure life cycle development and data collaboration for complex systems (product). It uses digital collaborative development and management environment in network environment to realize a new pattern of collaboration. It goes through the entire industrial value chain of complex system (product) development and gives full support to concurrent collaborative development work of multi-enterprise/cross-regional/inter-stage/multi-disciplinary design-design, design-manufacturing, and manufacturing-manufacturing.
    •Product data and configuration management
    •Collaborative development management within enterprises
    •Collaborative development management between enterprises
  • As a solution provider of equipment comprehensive security and civil aircraft customer service overall information technology, we track the latest developments and cutting-edge technology at home and abroad. Keeping a foothold in the industry, facing the troops and service type, we have developed core capabilities in Logistic Support Analysis (LSA), maintenance and technical support, military/civil aircraft after-sale service, Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO), Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM), Computer-Based Training (CBT), Portable Maintenance Aid system (PMA) and other fields. We provide users with secure life cycle system planning of products, project customization, and integration, research and development of software/hardware equipments.

    Comprehensive support support analysis and control
    support simulation
    Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)
    Computer-Based Training (CBT)
    Remote technical support system
    Field information management system

    Customer service Customer Service Website
    Customer Relationship Management System
    Total quality management system
    Engineering and Technology Support System
    Fault diagnosis system
    Auxiliary Training System
    Aviation supplies management system
    Aircraft delivery management system
    Fleet operation monitoring system
    Quick response center

    Digital army inspection Planning contract management system
    Model development supervision system
    Process quality supervision system
    Technology service management system

    Operation guarantee Marketing platform
    Operation control system
    Dispatch system
    Flight management system
    Fleet management system
    Aircraft maintenance system
    Technical information management system
    Security supervision and management system
    Professional qualification management system
    Pilot training system
    Aircraft deposit service
    Aviation Club

    Maintenance, Repair & Operations Product data management system
    Maintenance project management system
    Maintenance process management system
    Overhaul management and control system

    Digital support equipment/device Military-used portable ruggedized computer device-AVICIT
    Portable Maintenance Aid system (PMA)
    Portable handheld service support system (PDA)
    Maintenance Aid System (iOS version / Android version / Windows version)
  • Oriented to aviation and equipment manufacturing, we closely confirms to customers' needs and uses the best technologies and products to form a comprehensive integration solution with distinct industrial characteristics. We base on network basic conditions, hardware application environment and information security system and provide an overall system integration service under various technology environment.

    ELV and Network System Planning, Construction and Retrofit of WAN
    Planning, Construction and Retrofit of LAN
    Intelligent Buildings Construction

    Collaborative Communication and Visualization Planning and Construction of Intelligent Conference System
    Unified Communication Solution
    Planning and Construction of Visual Platform

    High-end Hardware Solution and Value-added Services Planning and Construction of Data Center
    Planning and Construction of virtualization platform
    Planning and Construction of High Performance Computing

    Information Security Service Planning and Risk Assessment of Information Security System
    Security Construction and Retrofit of Classified Information System
    Internet-Based Commercial Network Security Service
    Special Products for Information Security
    Monitoring and Auditing System for Printing Security
    Secure E-mail Service
    Centralized Management System for Internet Terminals
  • AVICIT is responsible for the operation and management of AVIC websites. Besides, AVICIT provides customers with professional and comprehensive IT solutions to various cases from IT architecture planning to daily operation and those from holistic optimization to emergent failure rescue.

    Hardware value-added service Hardware value-added service provides installation, debugging, configuration, management services of hardware environments of different grades and multi-OS to support hardware systems and the management of storage system and high performance computing environment.

    Information Security Evaluation Information Security Evaluation provides services of information system security consultancy, architecture design, IT operation and management consultancy.

    System Optimization Service Services of network environment optimization, domain management system optimization, virtualization platform optimization and so on.

    Other Value-Added Services IP registration, website group development and e-mail entrust within AVIC.