• FC-20/FC-20A is a third generation fighter with high performance and multi-functioning abilities. FC-20/FC-20A has remarkable reliability, excellent persistence and strong maneuverability. As a new multi-fighter, it features a large radius of action, short take-off/landing distance and has a strong attack capacity. Features FC-20/FC-20A has remarkable maneuverability at medium and low altitudes and excellent ground attack capabilities. It is used to perform air interceptions, provide air cover, air patrol and for air-to-air combat missions. It can intercept enemy fighters, bombers, surveillance planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, cruise missiles and other aviation weapons. In addition, the FC-20/FC-20A can perform battlefield air interdiction, close air support and battlefield sea attacks, enemy ground target attack; employ air defense weapons systems, and attack all sizes of ships. Performance
    Wing Span9.75m
    Normal Take-off Weight12400kg



  • The FC-1 has remarkable maneuverability capabilities in high subsonic regions at middle to low altitude. Its long range, large radius of action (ROA) and long endurance, combined with its short required takeoff and landing distance and excellent weapon carriage capability, are a number of its featured characteristics. It can carry state-of-the-art BVR fire-and-forget missiles and various advanced air-to-surface precision-guided weapons. Its integrative combat effectiveness makes it among the most advanced third generation fighters in the world.
    FC-1 aircraft has single-seat and two-seat varieties.

    Active JF-17 squadrons have been established in PAF and co-production lines have been set up in Pakistan. FC-1 has become the major operational fighter of PAF and is honored as the “Pride of Pakistan”. Features The FC-1 aircraft has the typical characteristics of a third generation fighter with its aerodynamic layout. Its large edge moderate trapezoid wing aspect ratio improves the lift to drag ratio of the aircraft, while its advanced clam shell across both sides improves the complete pressure recovery coefficient and enhances the aircraft’s entire thrust and performance. The entire machine has a total of seven plug-in points and has adopted a multiple plug-in system including the ability to re-plug. The FC-1s entire structure airframe landing gear, an overall circular arc windshield and bubble type canopy. It is also equipped with a “zero-zero" ejection lifesaving seat.

    Its digital flight control system provides remarkable stability and excellent flying quality. Integrated advanced avionics and weaponry systems contribute to the excellent operational effectiveness of the aircraft. The mechanical electrical system including the fuel, hydraulic, environmental controls and power supply combine for a further increase of its economy.

    The FC-1 Multi-purpose Light Fighter has remarkable maneuverability in high subsonic region at a medium to low altitude, a long range, short take-off and landing distance, excellent external storage carriage and air-to-air refueling capabilities. With sophisticated avionics and a weaponry system, it is capable of BVR air-to-air combat and air-to-ground attack with its various precision-guided weapons.
    Wing Span8.5m
    Normal Take-off Weight9100kg
    Maximum operating mach1.6
    Maximum IAS1300km/h
    Required Take-off Run610m
    Required Landing Run823m
    Maximum Weapon carrying capacity3600kg
    FC-1 Tandem Fighter Trainer The FC-1 Tandem Fighter Trainer has all-weather operational capabilities equivalent to that of the FC-1 Multi-role Light Fighter. It can carry BVR air-to-air missiles, short-range air-to-air missiles for air combat, air-to-surface missiles, air-to-ship missiles, precision-guided bombs and conventional bombs for air-to-surface and air-to-sea attack. It can also be used for instructional training on basic flight skills and flight tactics.

    Wing Span9.465m

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  • The F-8T is a multi-purpose, supersonic, all-weather fighter. To meet the customers’ requirements, the F-8T is equipped with a pulse Doppler radar of outstanding performance. It is capable of accurate positioning, taking multi-air targets, guiding medium-range interception missiles and employing fire-and-forget missiles to perform single-target and double-target attacks. It is capable of both ground and sea attacks and can guide air-to-ship missiles, laser-guided bombs and various powerful weapons. Its specialized features have effectively improved the comprehensive battle capabilities of the aircraft. Features Excellent performance and low cost.
    Equipped with turbojet engines of high thrust and low fuel consumption.
    Equipped with homing missiles, combat in all weather conditions and superior viewing range.
    Accurate weapon release and strong air-to-ground and air-to-sea attack capabilites.
    Customizing modifications available.
    Engine Model2×WP13BⅡ
    Maximum thrust total2×68.67KN
    Extreme takeoff mass18879KG
    Maximum battle load mass2500KG
    Maximum speed, Mach number2.2
    Maximum range1900KM
    Maximum overloading6.9G
    Quantity of hard points7

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