• This firefighting truck is equipped with firefighting water pumps, water tanks, a foam blending system, bubble guns, water cannons and other firefighting equipment. It is especially suitable for extinguishing oil-like fires, such as petroleum, and also supplying water and foam mixture to fire scenes. It is professional fire brigade equipment for the petrochemical industry, oil terminals, airports and cities.


    The foam fire truck section is made up of a liquid tank, a pump room, storage compartment, power output and transmission systems, piping systems, electrical systems and other components. It uses inflammable materials rapidly secluded by air in order to extinguish fires.

  • This product uses an omniseal case structure with acoustic insulation. It is waterproof, dustproof and has many other functions. As the van may be used in harsh environments, it can be applied in the communication, electricity, telecommunication, petrochemical, engineering and many other industries. The lighting system has a lift system added as required by customers.



    The van is mainly used to supply power in emergencies and outages caused by sudden events.


  • The command vehicle is a dedicated van used for on-site emergency communication command. It consists of Hanhsx central control, video, broadcast equipment, a lighting system, power supply and other systems. After the vehicle integrated with these systems arrives at the scene, it can handle emergencies more quickly through Hanhsx interaction with images, sound from the command center on site, and shorten differences in time and space.


    Features Special van for emergency communication command


  • The engineering rescue vehicle is used for carrying repair and rescue workers, as well as loading machinery and construction materials. It uses a car engine as its power source, and drives generators, air compressors, pumps and other equipment in a direct way.


    Features The vehicle is mainly used for detecting and making urgent repairs of pipelines including on highways, in mining, petroleum, chemical, gas, water and power pipelines, etc.


  • The Disaster Reconnaissance Vehicle uses a German MAN chassis, and is assembled with an on-board generator, on-scene lighting system, vehicular lift system, vehicle station, air conditioning, a sofa, an electronic sand table, monitoring system, air-conditioning system, escalator, fingerprint lock, satellite antenna and so on.
    Features: This product is used for on-site investigation tasks during geological hazards and after sudden accidents.

  • The mobile hospital system is made up of scores of cabins, including surgery, emergency, X-ray, medical apparatus/sterilizer, aisle 1/clinical laboratory, aisle 2/communication and remote medical treatment, aisle 3/water supply, aisle 4/storage room, rinse & sterilizer, triage tent, ward tent, medical gas preparation and power station cabins etc. The functional shelter may be transported using the palletized loading system vehicle, or on trains, ships or large-size transport planes. The mobile hospital is a modular medical service system, it has a high mobility and advanced technologies. All the modules can be quickly expanded into a mobile hospital, which is can be used for rescuing wounded people in a disaster area or in a refugee gathering area, as well as for ordinary disaster relief and other field work.


  • The vehicle provides emergency medical assistance for major public events. It provides medical rescue supplies such as first aid medical equipment, materials and medicines, as well as an emergency medical service site and platform where the number of wounded increase and there are not enough ambulances. The vehicle is equipped with all kinds of medical application stretchers and general first aid medical treatment facilities, which can be built up into a self-contained and enclosed off-ground treatment space. Furthermore, the vehicle has a 5kW onboard diesel generator, which can provide a power supply for lighting and medical equipment for field first aid, and a high illumination floodlight on the vehicle’s ceiling, which can be lifted up to 6m with a lighting radius of 50m.


  • The vehicle is made up of nearly 70 devices including an onboard computer, wireless network card, 350 mega digital cluster, general onboard transceivers, a video capture card, LCD monitor, GSM/GPRS multifunction digital terminal, office integrated unit, network exchanger, notebook computer, image pickup system, CDMA wireless image transmission system, digital microwave wireless image transmission system, digital HD video recorder, and a frequency conversion generator. It incorporates over 10 functions such as voice communication, data communication, computer processing, an onboard camera and video monitor, image wireless transmission, lighting, power supply support, HD video recording, a conference terminal, on-site office conferencing, life support, etc. It is mobile, flexible and high efficiency.


  • The Police Command Vehicle is a refitted vehicle based on a military off-road Dongfeng Mengshi 2050B, equipped with modern high-end communication equipment. It is capable of quick response times, emergency treatment and management, and combines modern communication technology and other high technologies.
    Features: Capabilities: Combines independent systematic techniques such as modern radio communications, 3G networking, image collection and transmission, strong light illumination and on-site monitoring.