• Cargo Semi-trailer
    Products cover general side wall semi-trailers, low bed Semi-trailers, container Semi-trailers, van semi-trailers, care transport semi-trailers and so on.

    Features The semi-trailers have been widely applied to long haul medium-/heavy-duty and bulk freight, and have become preferred models for medium and long distance freight vehicles.


    Low bed Semi-trailer

    Van Semi-trailer

    Stake Semi-trailer

  • The system is used to transport bulky goods for special purposes.

    Features The low bed series is used primarily to transport special equipment and large objects. Higher technical performance is required.


    The apparatus carrier vehicle was developed for military and scientific research institutes for loading and transporting large precision optical or electronic instruments. It is classified as a semi-trailer and a full-trailer. The vehicle is composed of several major parts such as a dome, van, chassis, theodolite sling, two-level damping control, anti-rollover, etc.


    Apparatus Carrier Vehicle


  • The auto transport semi-trailer has a two-level frame and its upper structure is removable. A hydraulic system is installed in the tractor, where the hydraulic oil cylinder may be used to move the upper pedal up and down. The passenger vehicle is driven onto the semi-trailer by a simple cat ladder, and then transported after being trussed and fixed. In general, it comes with side a girder structure of the recess type, on both sides of which there are trusses connected with the upper pedal in a movable way. The vehicle is assembled with full masks, a skeleton and a side curtain type. The suspension system consists of a single-axle, two-axle or three-axle system, and air suspension is optional. The vehicle is also equipped with the hydraulic lifting system.
    Features The auto transport semi-trailer is used for zero-kilometer transport of all types of passenger vehicles, and also for racing cars, exhibition vehicles and other vehicles.

  • The container transport semi-trailer is a kind of special purpose vehicle used to transport containers. It is mainly used in ports and wharfs to transport 20 and 40 feet standard containers, while 45 and 48 feet vehicles are mainly transported on the road. Currently, there are total 16 container transport semi-trailers. According to different container sizes, the container transport semi-trailer can be divided into five classes, i.e. 20, 30, 40, 45 and 48 feet; depending on the structure the container transport semi-trailer can be classified into flat straight girder, small gooseneck and big gooseneck types. The cargo loading part is a structure just like a container.

    Features Widely used for transit at wharf and ports, and for transportation of standard containers.


    Container Transport Semi-trailer

    Container Transport Semi-trailer