General Manufacturing

With solid expertise in diversified R&D and manufacturing, AVIC provides a wide range of conventional and intelligent products for global market, especially in automotive, electrics and electronics, and civil UAV systems.

  • Automotive

    AVIC is an important supplier to automotive industry worldwide, and provides 56 categories of assemblies and over 300 types of parts in frame structure, engine, transmission, brake, steering, instrument systems.

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  • Electronics

    AVIC is a global supplier to electronics and IT industry, and provide a wide range of offerings, including PCB, LCD, connectors, electronic strain gauge, 8-12 inch power IC, electronic measurement device, microwave circuit, navigation device, intelligent instrument and high-end consumer electronic products.

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  • Electrical Products

    AVIC provides a wide range of wire and cable products to electric grid and communication network for public or industry usage. Totally, AVIC’s offering includes 220 categories in more than 22000 specifications.

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  • Civil UAV

    AVIC provides small and medium-sized UAVs to civil industry market, especially scenarios including eco-environment protection, hydrology and water conservancy, emergency management, intelligent security, resource survey, patrol and inspection.

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