Civil UAV

With solid expertise in diversified R&D and manufacturing, AVIC provides a wide range of conventional and intelligent products for global market, especially in automotive, electrics and electronics, and civil UAV systems.

  • Harrier Hawk

    Harrier Hawk is a medium-altitude UAV system developed from existing matured system. The type is capable of sensing remotely with high definition,multi-payload in limited time……

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  • ARIE

    Aries is a hybrid UAV both with piston and electric power. Extended range and endurance make it an ideal tool of productivity.

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    Andromeda is a UAV with continuous power supply through the tethering cable. The unmatched endurance makes it a perfect solution for long time on-station monitoring mission……

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  • Southern Cross

    Southern Cross is a drone with compound wing, combining vertical takeoff/landing and high-speed cruise capabilities.

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  • Counter-UAS System

    AVIC has developed advanced counter-UAS system to counter the prevailing threat of mini-UAV around key facilities and restricted area.

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