What is the Air Silk Road Initiative?
The Air Silk Road Initiative (hereafter as the initiative) is an aviation industry development plan proposed by AVIC in 2017, with wide support from partner companies in and out of China.
The initiative will provide integrated aviation solutions to countries along the Belt and Road, including aviation related products, infrastructure, operation, MRO, finance service, etc.
As an industry detail plan inspired by China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Air Silk Road will meet the need of Belt and Road countries to increase aviation capacity and foster a prosperous economy.
In certain countries, the plan will help build aviation infrastructure and airline networks, then establish local MRO and manufacturing capability, to foster airport economy and boost other industries including tourism.
The goal of the plan is to cultivate a sustainable aviation economy in countries along Belt and Road, which will turn aviation investment to the propulsion system for economic growth.
Achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration is the principle and concept of our initiative, the same with the Belt and Road initiative.
Under the Air Silk Road initiative, the investment will be centered around infrastructure connectivity and emergency security focusing on aviation infrastructure, airline network, airspace& key facility security and trade of aviation products.
Air Silk Road Aviation Cooperation Summit
Mr. Luo Ronghuai,President of AVIC, introduced AVIC’s international strategy and the background of the initiative.
Mr. Chen Yuanxian, Executive Vice President of AVIC, introduced the Air Silk Road Initiative.
On Sep.13th 2018, the 1st Air Silk Road International Aviation Cooperation Summit was held in Beijing. During the summit, AVIC executives introduced the Air Silk Road Initiative, and shared China’s experience on how to develop aviation industry and grow related economies.

The summit will be held every 2 years, the next summit is scheduled in 2020.
The Air Silk Road Alliance
To support the initiative, the Air Silk Road Alliance was announced during the 2018 summit. The alliance is co-sponsored by AVIC, AECC, COMAC, NUAA, Civil Aviation Investment Fund and Huahe International with members from industrial, academical and financial sectors.
The alliance will create business opportunities and facilitate collaboration between members, governments, international organizations and partners. The alliance will also carry out industrial research and provide consultancy about the industrial development, policies and regulations along the countries.
For any inquiry on the alliance, please contact:airsilkroad@126.com