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AVIC Launches Global Campaigns against COVID-19

Since outbreak of COVID-19 in January, AVIC has launched global campaigns to against the flu, and most of the overseas engineering projects are being restored step by step.


AVIC-ENG UAE took actions for prevention at the first time, implemented a series of actions such as risk management and control, monitoring and early warning, information exchange, and trans-department coordination.

In order to ensure the safety of the project under construction, AVIC-ENG UAE popularizes the knowledge of prevention and provides prevention materials to its employees. A daily temperature monitoring scheme was established for all employees and all our partners when entering the site. In the office of the project and on the wall at the entrance, health notices are posted in Chinese, English, Arabic and Urdu.

When facing the logistic and travel challenges brought the COVID-19, AVIC Civil Aircraft has positively enhanced coordination to support all customers’ operation.

The overseas fleet benefited from the special effort includes 2 MA60 regional aircrafts in the Republic of the Congo, 3 MA60s in Cameron and the Y12 fleet in Nepal. Especially, Nepal Airlines’ request for 10 sets of oxygen mask was addressed in 5 days.

In Kazakhstan, through remote solution, AVIC successfully supports UAVs’ upgrade for patrol program on Kazakhstan–China oil pipeline and provides supports for other flights.

In South Africa, AVIC International Flight Academy hold a press release conference in local radio to state that all cadets in South Africa are healthy and stay in normal course of flight training. The cadets that could not traveled to South Africa will accept online course by South African instructors.