Airborne Weapons

AVIC provides a large portfolio of advanced fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters, UAVs and airborne weapons for global defense market.

AVIC is a major OEM of civil aircraft in China, including regional passenger aircraft, general aircraft, and helicopters. AVIC is also a global supplier of inferior systems and aero-structure.

With solid expertise in diversified R&D and manufacturing, AVIC provides a wide range of conventional and intelligent products for global market, especially in automotive, electrics and electronics, and civil UAV systems.

AVIC provides a series of service for aviation related projects, including consultant, supervision, construction, operation, and financial services.

  • TL-2

    The Thunder Lightning 2(TL-2) missile is a multi-function weapon. It can be used by the air platform such as aircraft, helicopter and UAV. TL-2 consis……

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  • BA-7

    The BA-7 air-to-ground missile, adopting semi-active laser guidance system, is capable of engaging ground targets both day and night, and features lon……

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  • HJ-8

    HJ-8 air-to-ground antitank missile can be used by attack helicopter for attacking tanks and other ground targets. It is a wire-guided air-to-ground missile……

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  • LS-6

    LS-6 is a 500 kg class precision guided bombs, which can carry out standoff strike on fixed ground targets, such as the airports, the seaports, the bridges, the commanding centers, etc……

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  • TY-90

    TY-90 is a multi-purpose short-range infrared tactical missile. With high guidance precision, strong anti-jamming capability and high imperceptibility, it can be used to intercept helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and cruise missile at low and super-low altitude……

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  • The PL-5EII / PL-5DE

    The PL-5EII / PL-5DE is an improved 3rd generation of short-range IR dogfight air-to-air missile with good anti-jamming capability, all-aspect attack and fire-and-forget capability……

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  • PL-9C

    PL-9C is a 3rd generation infrared close-combat air-to-air missile. Enhanced by multi-element IR seeker, digital signal processing and lead-bias terminal phase guidance, it is of long detecting range, strong anti-jamming capability and high kill probability……

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  • SD-10A

    SD-10A is a 4th generation of advanced medium-range intercept missile, which employs the inertial navigation plus data-link in the mid-course and the active radar guidance at the terminal course……

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