AVIC provides a large portfolio of advanced fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters, UAVs and airborne weapons for global defense market.

  • FC-1 / JF-17

    This new-generation light multi-role fighter is jointly developed by China and Pakistan to meet the demands of modern air force for its development an……

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  • J-10CE

    J-10CE is an all-weather multi-role advanced fighter aircraft with single seat and single engine, derived from J-10C aircraft.

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  • AMF

    AMF is a fifth generation multi role fighter developed for the international market. With excellent combined operation effectiveness and independent i……

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  • JH-7E

    JH-7E is a dual seat, multi-mission, all-weather, supersonic fighter bomber. It is capable of long-range air-to-surface strike with high precision and……

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