AVIC provides a large portfolio of advanced fighters, trainers, transporters, helicopters, UAVs and airborne weapons for global defense market.

  • Y-9E

    Y-9E is a medium-range and medium-sized transport aircraft with 4 turboprop engines. It is equipped with advanced integrated avionics system, cargo tr……

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  • Y-8F200WB

    Y-8F200WB is currently the most advanced medium-sized military transporter in Y8 series aircraft. It has a maximum payload of 20,000kg. It is powered ……

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  • Y-12E

    The Y-12E is a twin-engine turboprop STOL general-purpose aircraft, an improved version of the proven Y12-IV aircraft. The aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with a single tail and non-retractable, tricycle landing gear……

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  • Y-12F

    The Y-12F is the latest development of Y-12 aircraft family. It is an aircraft of high wing, unpressurized cabin, retractable landing gear, single ver……

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  • MA60/600

    accommodates two pilots and the cabin can seat up to 60 passengers. MA600MA600 aircraft is an improved version of the MA60. The aircraft is equipped with new avionics

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